Helping You Balance Life With Your Pets

What Makes Us Different?

True Companion knows that you have various pet sitting options. You could board your pets at a kennel. You could take your pets with you. You could choose a less expensive service or have the kid down the street take care of them.  So why choose us?  What makes us different?

Well, for starters, True Companion is one of the oldest, most reliable pet sitting services in the area, having been established in 2007.   We have a dedicated team of experienced pet sitters who are skilled in caring for healthy pets, those with special needs, senior pets, and dogs and cats with various medical conditions, including the ability to administer medicine such as insulin and subcutaneous fluids.  We have hundreds of happy clients, both 2- and 4-footed, and our customers have stated that we consistently provide the highest standard of care in the area. 

And for six more reasons to choose us, see below...

Quality vs Quantity


We believe in quality of visits, not quantity. The length of our visits with dogs averages 45 minutes and cat visits average 30 minutes ~ because that's how long it usually takes to do all that needs to be done.  For us, it’s not about how many visits we can squeeze into one day. We have been doing this a long time and know that in order to perform a high-quality visit, this is the time it usually takes, sometimes longer!

Keeping You in The Loop


Our pet sitters text or e-mail you photographs and frequent updates if you wish on how your babies are doing.  However, for your own protection, we will never post photographs of your pets on Facebook or our website while you are out of town, and if and when we do post photos, only the pets names will be used, never the client's.

Because We Care


We really want to take the time to get to know your pets as well as you do.  We have a way of getting quite attached to pets we care for and love learning about their unique personalities and idiosyncrasies.   The health and well being of your pets is just as important to us as it is to you.

Check Us Out


We are happy to provide references upon request, and please let our testimonials speak for themselves. True Companion has been a professional pet sitting service since 2007 and has years of experience dealing with various health problems, canine behavioral issues, special puppy and kitten needs, senior pet care, and offers end of life assistance to clients regarding their pets. 

Background Checks


True Companion appreciates the fact that you are allowing us to enter your home and are entrusting us with the care of your most precious possessions ~ your pets.  That is why we routinely perform criminal background checks on pet sitters and even the owner, Judy Erlichman, to give you extra peace of mind with regard to who is entering your home and caring for your pets.

For Your Peace of Mind


True Companion is licensed with the City of Peachtree City and bonded and insured with Business Insurers of the Carolinas.  The pet sitters we work with are bonded and insured under our policy.  Proof of insurance and bonding is happily provided upon request.  This helps to ease your mind.