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What People Are Saying About Us

"You were incredibly accommodating and professional with my dogs. You made me feel so comfortable when I was worried to leave my newborn puppies while we went on vacation. You definitely went the extra mile to make sure they were well taken care of and also gave me useful tips that were a huge help with my first experience with puppies so young. Thank you so much!"
– Mary Catherine T. -pet sitting client
-Peachtree City, GA
"We rescued 2 female Australian Shepherds several years ago. They each came to us with unique, heartbreaking 'issues.' Our 13-year-old was verbally/physically abused. She is very timid and submissive. Our 5-year-old was never socialized. She is fearful and aggressive. The personalities and age differences make them a challenging pair to care for, but we love them and try to provide a 'normal' home environment. They both do well with our family and within our home boundaries; however, they become distressed and act out with strangers. We have had a dilemma of how to care for them (for years) when we are away, especially during a long work day. Our prayers were answered when we tried out TRUE COMPANION PET SITTING.

Judy, the owner, came and evaluated our girls. With patience, calming professionalism, and canine experience, she determined the best way to approach the situation. We were apprehensive, yet hopeful, to think our dogs could be cared for by an outsider (really?).

We were pleasantly surprised - Day 1 worked, and Judy has been there for us ever since! She e-mails or writes visit updates with suggestions to make each additional visit more productive and rewarding for our dogs. She individualizes routines for each dog, making her time with them beneficial & healthy. We are grateful for her enthusiasm - She is simply the BEST!

We cannot praise her highly enough -- A+++++++++. We welcome calls for referrals, if necessary. We think the world of Judy and her business -- she has found her calling!"
– Debi & Joel C. -pet sitting & dog walking client
-Peachtree City, GA